Madfish Late Harvest Riesling

Riesling is a supremely versatile white grape, able to produce a diverse range of
styles – from lean and very dry, to super sweet.
The Madfish Late Harvest sits merrily in the middle of these two extremes. To
achieve its medium sweet profile, the grapes for left on the vine for an extended
period in order to increase sugar and ripeness levels. This gives the final wine a
delicious weight and texture, but Riesling’s naturally high acidity ensures the
elevated sweetness never becomes cloying.

$32.00 /750ml








750 mL



Lovely and lifted, floral notes of orange blossom, rose petal and honeysuckle.
The fruit sweetness of the palate is generous and suggestive of fine dry citrus
zest, juicy cantaloupe with some tropical notes, mango and papaya. Silky and
smooth on the palate with a clear and fresh finish.

The weather conditions from the beginning of the growing season, which starts
in the previous spring, were less than ideal with rainfall in the lead up, below
average. In addition, this dry start, the cool spring and the strength of the
classic summer weather pattern of the south coast, caused the vintage to linger
longer than normal.
The strength and frequency of the on shore steams that deliver cloud cover,
miserable light drizzle, subsequent high humidity and strong breezes is so often
the driving weather pattern of our vintage. In 2019 this effect was pronounced.
When the time to harvest the Riesling was nearing, some quick and careful
decision making was necessary to beat the botrytis/fungal disease which
thrives in the humid, cloudy conditions, yet maximise fruit quality and desired
The Riesling parcels which are grown in the Mount Barker and Porongurup sub
regions, were harvested from March 12th to March 22nd.
Early yield forecasts were delivered with a below average intake which
considering the weather conditions throughout, was fortunate for wine quality.
The Rieslings from 2019 are a reflection of our journey through this challenging
yet ultimately rewarding growing season. Low yields, cool to moderate
conditions devoid of heat spikes has delivered Rieslings of moderate alcohol,
clear and defined varietal notes, and a fine balance between natural residual
sugar and sensible acidity.

While ready to drink now, the body and acidity will ensure ageing potential.
Wonderful paired with rich pâtés, blue cheese, or Asiatic foods such as a fragrant
Thai green curry.

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