Madfish Shiraz Rose

Rosé is an all-occasion wine because of its freshness, brightness, crispness, and lightness. Enjoy over the warming spring and summer months.

$32.00 /750ml


Shiraz 90%, Pinot Gris 10 %






750 mL




Rosé is an all occasion wine full of freshness, brightness, crispness, and lightness.
Proper rosé is made from the gentle and short extraction of juice from red grape
varieties to obtain only the lightest tinges of pinks from the grape skins. After this
extraction, rosé is largely made in the same way as white wine.
Many, even most red grape varieties or blends thereof are suitable for making rosé.
Different varieties give different flavours and colours and there is an “official”
colour coding that includes and refers to the flesh of: cantelope, peach, red currant,
ruby grapefruit, mango and mandarin.

Made predominately from Shiraz grapes with a touch of Pinot Gris.
The colour is an animated pink that sits in the spectrum from peach to ruby
grapefruit. Aromatically, a bit like a fruit tea with delicate red berry, peach and
citrus, infused with jasmine and rose water to give a lovely floral / herbal scent.
The palate has the plush texture and flavours of gently macerated red berries which
is balanced by a subtle savoury, and chalky finish.

The 2018 growing season was a return to weather conditions more favourable and typical
of the past decade in the south west of Western Australia. Our vintage commenced
mid-February with Chardonnay and concluded late April with Cabernet Sauvignon.
Good winter rains were followed by a temperate spring, then a moderate to warm summer
– a text book progression of seasons for the ideal vintage. With veraison came the native
marri blossom and a sigh of relief that the annual joust with the native resident birds
would be a minor battle not a major war. As autumn progressed, conditions remained
fine. Yields were moderate across all varieties and full ripeness and flavour development,
The early quality assessment of the 2018 vintage is excellent. White wines are exhibiting
very pure and focused varietal notes while the reds show ripe berry flavours and supple

Enjoy as spring has sprung and over the warmer months.
Share with plates of: chargrilled octopus, sashimi tuna on slivers of roasted beetroot,
sicilian green olives, white anchovy and broad bean pesto spread on fresh from the oven
bread – the menu is endless.

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